MECHANICAL  Showcase presenter


Showcase is the interactive, accessible 3D visualizations software. It offers product designers, engineers, and marketing professionals the ability to transform digital prototypes into highly realistic imagery and immersive, interactive presentations. You can more easily evaluate designs in detail and in context, explore alternatives in real time, and communicate the story of your design. Showcase eliminates the need for physical prototypes to convey design intent, enabling more economical, efficient review processes in which teams can make better informed decisions.

Key Features include;

Storyboard Timing and Movie Creation
Slide-timing allows you to better control the timing of environment switching, alternative changes, behavioral triggering, or camera position changes. With slide-timing, you can more precisely define the creative direction of your presentations.

Cross-Section Tool
Explore designs in detail with the new cross-section tool, which enables you to intersect model geometry with a freely position-able plane or box, in real time, to help create more informative views for design review


Patch Level Access
Access model data with greater flexibility, with the new patch-level access tool. Isolate and apply different materials to one or a group of surface patches.


Bloom Effect
Showcase 2011 software allows you to create lighting effects by over-exposing concentrated lights on highly reflective objects.


Ambient Shadows Textures on Polygons
Create highly realistic imagery by simulating more accurate Ambient Shadows for polygonal objects. Showcase 2011 enables users to better calculate ambient shadows on polygonal objects that contain UVs, using textures instead of vertices.