Revit (Revit Architecture)


Product Information

Work naturally, design with freedom, and improve your business with Autodesk® Revit® Building, the architectural design and documentation system that works the way you think. Purpose-built for building information modeling, Revit Building lets you change anything, anytime, anywhere-and then coordinates the change everywhere. Your design and documentation always stay coordinated, consistent, and complete


Construction Documentation
Minimize coordination mistakes with features like legends and revisions. Legends enable you to create symbolic legends without adding elements to a project. And since legends are fully associative, they always stay coordinated, no matter what changes you make. Revisions let you manage updates easily and track new documents from the moment they are issued.


Autodesk DWF Composer and 3D Autodesk DWF Integration
Autodesk® Revit® Building supports complete round-tripping of markups with Autodesk® DWF™ Composer. Track changes easily by combining DWF Composer files with Revit Building navigation and revision management. You also can publish Revit Building models to 3D Autodesk® DWF™ (Design Web Format™) file format for high-impact communication of 3D design information.


Autodesk Building Maker

Access a better workflow for common conceptual and schematic tasks. Easily create expressive forms to produce an overall massing study. Then select faces to design walls, roofs, floors, and curtain systems. You can even use tools to extract important information such as gross area per floor.


Autodesk Parametric Components
Autodesk Parametric Components offer an open, graphical system for design thinking and form making, which is a powerful way of expressing design intent at increasingly detailed levels. Parametric Components can be used to generate the most elaborate assemblies-including intricate iterative, algorithmic, and behavioral characteristics-as well as the most elementary building parts. And now, they also enable you to edit previously loaded families, read into nested families, and schedule their components for construction documentation. Best of all, no programming language or coding is required.


Publish to Autodesk Buzzsaw
Easily convert Autodesk Revit Building files to DWG or DWF format and upload them to Autodesk® Buzzsaw® project sites. Using default template assignments, you also can assign properties to a view and then set them back to their original state whenever you publish or print your project.


Presentation Views
Explain your design intent better using sectional perspectives, a flexible tool that complements other features in Autodesk Revit Building, including hidden-line and shaded views, vectorial shadows, capped section boxes, and silhouette edges.


Interference Check
Set parameters to scan your model for interference problems between elements.

Import/Export Improvements Collaborate better with users of AutoCAD®-based products and other CAD applications by importing and exporting 3D solid geometry.


Autodesk VIZ 2005 Interoperability Plug-in
With Autodesk VIZ® 2005 interoperability plug-in, import DWG files produced in Autodesk Revit Building and use them to create stunning, photorealistic interior and exterior renderings.


IFC Export
Autodesk Revit Building is certified in accordance with official IAI facilitated approval procedure for IFC tm 2x2.