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EDSA Paladin SmartGrid


Paladin® SmartGrid™ is the first commercially-available software platform designed specifically for the on-line management and control of next-generation “hybrid” power infrastructure incorporating both traditional utility power and on-premise power generation, e.g. solar power, wind turbines, battery storage, etc.
It optimizes energy consumption in multi-energy source sites, whether they are focused on a single objective – such as minimizing the annual cost, carbon footprint, peak load, or public utility consumption – or a combination of objectives that vary by time, costs, energy source reliability, etc.

As more and more organizations supplement their utility power with on-premise power generation.


Paladin SmartGrid:
• Serves as a master controller for intelligent smart grid design, monitoring and electricity trading (i.e. selling electricity back into the public grid)
• Monitors in real-time micro grid power quality, utilization and capacity, in order to offer excess capacity to the smart grid
• Monitors all transactions between public electric service and micro grid infrastructure
• Maintains rate and pricing information for management of private-public exchange



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