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EDSA Paladin DesignBase


Power Systems Design and Simulation Platform

Paladin® DesignBase™ is the best-selling and most powerful electrical system design and analysis software platform... and the only power systems modeling tool that can interact and be synchronized to the live system in real time, using EDSA’s Paladin® Live™ platform.


Unlike conventional modeling, Paladin DesignBase gives electrical engineering professionals the means to create both a detailed design and knowledge base of the performance specifications of their entire electrical distribution system.


Paladin DesignBase provides the technological richness needed to model and analyze systems from a variety of static or dynamic perspectives. This includes the ability to model and embed detailed control logic of intelligent electronic devices that control power flow throughout the system.


In addition, an integrated library of dozens of optional Paladin DesignBase programs allows users to perform specialized forms of analysis and optimization, including Fault Analysis, Protection Coordination, Power Flow Analysis, Power Quality Analysis and Mitigation, Dynamic Behavior Simulation, Design Optimization, and Sizing Optimization.


Paladin DesignBase