Drafting & Design Platform ( MicroStation / PowerDraft )


MicroStation V8i is the CAD Software used by engineers, architects, GIS professionals, constructors, and owner operators to design, model, visualize, document, map, and sustain infrastructure projects.
It  is their preferred CAD software foundation because it delivers an integrated and proven suite of intuitive, interactive, and highly interoperable capabilities to the desktop.

MicroStation PowerDraft is a professional-level application used for production 2D/3D drafting and detailing. PowerDraft provides an intuitive interface for creating, editing, and manipulating drawings and models in DGN or DWG format and is completely integrated with all Bentley solutions.
Because PowerDraft and MicroStation are based on the same code base, they share many of the same features and functions, including MicroStation's full suite of referencing, dimensioning, text, and drawing tools.

PowerDraft maximizes your production drafting functionality:

  • Data Interoperability - Native support for DGN and DWG files allows you to focus on creating and using your design data rather than on deliverable file formats, data exchange, and file translations.

  • Change Management - Track the evolution of each DGN file using PowerDraft's robust design history capability. Combined with digital rights and digital signatures, you can monitor progress and add security and accountability to your projects.

  • Workflow Support - PowerDraft integrates seamlessly with your organizational processes and is the perfect complement to existing MicroStation workflows.

  • Extensibility - Flexible programming support makes PowerDraft highly adaptable to your business needs and requirements.