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EDM (Laserfiche)


Laserfiche creates simple, elegant document management solutions that help organizations run smarter. A resource for over 21,000 organizations since 1987, Laserfiche solutions help government agencies and businesses meet today's demands.

Laserfiche document management platforms deliver high-volume information capture, retrieval and distribution organization wide. Laserfiche reduces misfiling, document retrieval time and costly photocopying and paper distribution - all processes that impede information access. Laserfiche is a flexible platform that adapts to meet diverse multi-departmental needs and allows users to maintain established, preferred procedures. The Laserfiche Records Management Edition is a DoD 5015.2-certified solution.

Laserfiche Document Management & Records Management Platforms

  • Intelligent search provides instant document retrieval

  • Reduce labor and clerical mistakes with automated OCR and indexing

  • Comprehensive security protects digital archives from unauthorized access

  • Emulate paper filing structures with customizable folders and index fields

  • Index electronic and image-only documents with user-defined indexes

  • Digital archiving provides long-term document preservation

  • Manage entire document repositories from workstations

  • Scan paper and import electronic files into secure digital archives of unalterable documents

  • Synchronize service bureau output and manage retention schedules with portable volumes



Laserfiche is a technology infrastructure-friendly solution designed for rapid deployment, smooth integration and departmental to enterprise scalability.

Product Brochures

Laserfiche 7
Scalable document management, departmental to enterprise-wide

Laserfiche Records Management Edition
Unified DoD-certified records management, document management & imaging

Laserfiche Web Access
Web browser-based document management thin client

Laserfiche Executive
Standalone document imaging including network version connectivity

Laserfiche Desktop
Standalone document imaging for modest document volumes

Laserfiche Accessibility Package
Document imaging solution supporting tools for the visually impaired

Scanner Certification and Review

  • Böwe Bell & Howell

  • Canon

  • Fujitsu

  • Kodak

  • Panasonic

  • Visioneer