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Raster (GTX RasterCAD/ImageCAD)


GTXRaster CAD® Series

The GTXRaster CAD® Series is a third party application, which works with AutoCAD. Various versions of GTXRaster CAD are available for AutoCAD R14, 2000/2000i, 2002 & 2004. The current GTXRaster CAD Series V8.0 works with AutoCAD 2004 under Windows 98, NT, 2000, ME and XP. It consists of 4 main products:


GTXRaster Tools is a cost effective, yet powerful and easy-to-use solution for cleaning and enhancing scanned raster images. Bring your legacy paper drawings into your AutoCADÒ environment and realise an immediate increase in production!


GTXRaster CAD , the industry acclaimed "AutoCAD for Raster" is the most productive raster cleanup and editing software available for AutoCAD users. Modify and enhance your legacy paper drawings in your AutoCAD environment for use in your current design process.


GTXRaster CAD PLUS contains all the raster editing and manipulation capabilities of GTXRaster CAD with the added functionality of automatic raster to vector conversion, powerful batch conversion technology and advanced text recognition for the AutoCAD environment.


GTXRaster R2V enhances your existing Autodesk Raster Design3Ò or other raster editor with the powerful functionality in a product that was developed to complement your existing application! GTXRaster R2V expands your existing AutoCAD environment with efficient raster cleanup tools, text and geometry conversion from raster to AutoCAD objects.




GTXImage CAD® Series

Increase design productivity and provide a rapid return on your investment with GTXImages CAD

If you use scanned paper drawings and CAD in your current engineering processes, then GTXImages CAD is a unique, cost-effective solution for bringing legacy drawings into your design environment.

Modify and enhance scanned raster archies with the speed and flexibility of oth raster and vector editing techniques. Whether your requirement is for raster cleanup, 2D CAD drafting, hybrid raster/vector editing or full automatic raster-to-vector conversion with intelligent text recognition, total flexibility is provided by this all-in-one product to suilt your specific drawing engineering needs.