Large Format Scanners (Contex)


Do you work primarily with scan-to-file applications? Or are scan-to-print and scan-to-copy applications more your thing? Whatever you do, CDSS provides a range of scanners from Industry leader…..Contex Inc to help you meet your day to day need with easy and effeciency.


SCAN TO MEET YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS Whether you want to accelerate workflows, improve collaboration, leverage physical drawings or boost overall efficiency, a Contex wide format scanner will deliver the image quality, speed and reliability you need to make a difference. Add in our award-winning Nextimage multi-function software and our comprehensive local support services, and you’ll see why Contex is the No. 1 choice worldwide for companies looking to reap the benefits of wide format imaging.


HD Series
– ultimate image quality
Built on proven CCD technology, HD scanners deliver superior image quality for fine art, photos, maps, drawings and even thick, folder or wrinkled documents.


SD Series
– your office workhorse. Scan, copy and share wide-format maps and drawings, and start building your digital archive with this reliable, easy-to-use office scanner.

XD Series
– affordable and portable. A durable, yet lightweight design makes the XD Series ideal for projects on the move, while still handling up to A1-sized documents.


MFP Solutions
– turn printers into copiers. Based on our HD, SD, or XD scanners, these space-saving, plug-and-play solutions come with a touch screen and Nextimage TOUCH software for ease of use.