Process/ Instrumentation (Bentley P&ID)

Creation of intelligent plant schematics to save time and improve profitability

The AutoPLANT* P&ID module provides organizations with an indispensable tool for creating intelligent plant schematics. Utilizing AutoCAD' with an external relational database environment allows engineers to learn more about their plant design in a fraction of the time that is needed to study hundreds of layout drawings or 3D models.


AutoPLANT P&ID is a cost-efficient application, such as it reduces the design and documentation time for capturing process information for system design and plant studies. HAZOP studies, ensunng compliance to OSHA 1910 and ISO standards. Through its scalcable design. AutoPLANT P&ID is suitable for large, midsized, and small engineering companies and plant operators, providing a key tool for the life cycle design and documentation of process plants.


Data Storage Options
A range of data storage options meets the needs of your project: Microsoft' Access or MSDE (Microsoft SQL Server Desktop engine) for smaller projects and Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle* for larger projects requiring a more robust storage engine. This external data storage feature facilitates information sharing between multiple users in the CAD environment and between the AutoPLANT Data Manager". AutoPLANT Instrumentation & Wiring". AutoPLANT Datasheets", and AutoPLANT Hookups' modules of the Process and Instrumentation Workgroup.


Drafting Abilities
Advanced parametric drafting routines speed up drawing generation. Symbol Manager', icon menus, toolbars, dynamically updated dialogs, pick-lists, and other advanced user interface features make the system easy to use and learn. Many advanced drafting utilities are included in the standard AutoPLANT P&ID module, including automatic line break/mend, line tag update, instrument bubble break/mend, and attribute display controls.


Symbols and Assemblies
AutoPLANT P&ID includes over 400 symbols that conform to ISA standards and a complete set of piping and instrument line types, such as major, minor, pneumatic, and electric. DIN line styles are also supported. A library tool supports symbol customization and management. New symbols can be easily created, added to the Symbol Manager and intelligently linked to the database.


Import/Export Capabilities
AutoPLANT P&ID drawings can be imported into a project environment with full consistency checking. In addition. P&IDs created in a project-wide environment can be exported as a stand-alone drawing, including all related data files


Consistency Checker
The Consistency Checker provides interactive checking of connectivity and consistency, such as branch lines that exceed the size of a header or valve sizes matching associated pipe runs. Interactive viewing and printed reports are also available.


Tag Register
AutoPLANT P&ID maintains a register of unique tag numbers, whether in internal mode or a project environment. The system automatically alerts you when duplicate tag numbers are encountered and prompts you for a new tag if necessary. Automatic tag incrementing and user-defined validation tables enforce tag-naming conventions


Process/Run Hierarchy
AutoPLANT P&ID employs the STEP/ISO design hierarchy of process with multiple runs, run size, and specifications The Process Line Manager" tool displays these relationships and enables you to merge runs into different pipe networks