Process/ Instrumentation (Bentley Instrumentation)


Bentley Instrumentation and Wiring is an intuitive and powerful process plant control systems design package. It is the ideal tool for creating project instrumentation loop diagrams, panel termination diagrams, motor schematics, single-line diagrams, and foundation fieldbus segment diagrams.
By combining an intuitive drag-and-drop graphical interface with a fully integrated relational database, engineering, maintenance, and operations departments can efficiently manage all instrumentation and motor data.

The standard interface of Bentley Instrumentation and Wiring is user-friendly, with menu-driven, context-sensitive online help features. The easily configurable data entry views display all loop, segment, instrument, cable, panel I/O, and motor data directly from the Bentley plant project database.
The Layout Designer interface provides an intuitive drag, drop, and right-click interface for modeling all your project cable and wiring connections.

Instrument data sheets and specification sheets can be created from Bentley Instrumentation and Wiring via the integration with the Bentley Data Sheets module.  Data sheets are created in Microsoft Excel format and synchronization with the project database is automatic to ensure data consistency.
Drawings can be produced in DGN, DWG, or DXF format, and the built-in reporting engine quickly generates instrument, cable, termination, I/O card, and motor lists, plus other essential project-specific reports.
Integration with the ProjectWise suite provides a managed environment for distributed engineering.