3D Plant Modelling (Bentley AutoPlant Suite)


AutoCAD-Based Piping Design and Modeling Software

AutoPLANT Piping gives you spec-driven 3D piping design with advanced routing and editing features. Drawing production includes orthographic drawings (plans, elevations, and sections), using paper space view ports and exporting 3D model data to produce finished isometric drawings.


Fully featured automated isometric drawing production are included in the piping application. No additional licensing is required. Drawing Flattener produces flat, 2D drawings including elevations, plans, and sections from the 3D model. AutoPLANT Piping works seamlessly with other Bentley plant design and data management applications via the shared plant project database.


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3D Parametric Equipment Modeling 3D Parametric Equipment Modeling 

AutoPLANT Equipment places equipment, nozzles, ladders, platforms, and walkways in 3D space. It provides numerous equipment, nozzle, and structure placement options, and includes primitives that may be used to construct user equipment assemblies.



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