Document Scanners (Avision)

We in conjunction with Avision Inc also offer a top of document scanners that are suitable for your document archiving needs. Avision offers the following product to meet different business requirement.



The Avision AV8350 is our top-tier flatbed form high speed duplex document scanner for documents up to A3 sizes. Built to exemplify high levels of performance and endurance, the AV8350 is truly a scanning powerhouse!
Scan at an amazing 50 ppm / 100 ipm in black and white, or 23 ppm / 28 ipm in color. Process up to 100 sheets of documents in one batch, whether it’s A8 or A3 sized. For fragile documents or other types of objects unsuitable for sheet-feeding, the option of flatbed scanning is right there standing by.
In addition, the AV8350 has a recommended daily duty cycle of 5,000, plus an estimated pad life of 100,000 scans. With reliability like this, you can focus on your business and increase productivity.

These products aim to increase an office worker's efficiency, and help digitalize paper documents. These product series include a high-speed document scanner series (AV Series).


The Avision AV320D2+ is our most advanced and powerful high speed sheet fed document scanner. Built to last using premium parts and material, the AV320D2+ can handle unprecedented 8,000 recommended daily duty cycles, and a pad life of 200,000 scans. The extra large capacity of its ADF can hold up to 150 sheets, compared to the standard of 50 sheets of our other models.

The AV320D2+ is capable of scanning documents up to A3 sizes, ensuring a wide range of document compatibility at your workplace. Equipped with new and improved anti-skew rollers, it can take virtually any A8 to A3 size mixed documents you throw at it. No more need to pre-filter and organize similar-sized documents before batch scanning.
It doesn't stop there. The most amazing aspect of the AV320D2+ is its incredible scanning speed – a lightning fast 60ppm / 120ipm at 300dpi resolution! Quantity and quality achieved, absolutely no compromises.
Look no further than the AV320D2+ for the ultimate solution to all your scanning needs.