Pipe Stress Analysis (Bentley AutoPIPE)


Piping Analysis for Productivity, Integration, and Quality

AutoPIPE is the choice of leading EPCs worldwide. The most comprehensive piping analysis software for 20 years in small to high-end piping projects worldwide for the power, oil and gas, petrochemical, offshore, and nuclear markets. Faster engineered piping systems backed by nuclear Quality Assurance to ISO 9001.


Bentley AutoPipe



• OpenGL CAD graphics with toggle between single line, wire-frame, and solid render drawing
• CAD style floating view and component toolbars
• New Reference point for manufacturer equipment loading reports
• Dynamic zoom, pan, or rotate model capability with toolbar or mouse wheel and buttons
• ANSI/ASME, DIN, JIS, and GRP standard piping
   component libraries
• FRP and plastic pipe vendor libraries
• Customizable libraries for pipe components and materials
• Structural steel modeling using AISC standard structural steel library with nonlinear pipe/structure interaction
• Expansion joint modeling with tie rod assemblies
• Import models from AutoPLANT, PlantSpace, Intergraph PDS, Aveva PDMS or PlantFLOW™

Dynamic Analysis

• Time history dynamic analysis with built-in relief valve, and water and steam hammer fluid transient utilities
• Mode shapes, accelerations, and natural frequencies
• Harmonic load analysis
• Response spectrum and shock spectra
• Multiple spectrum enveloping 


• Calculation of the effects of multiple wind, earthquake, thermal and dynamic loads
• Automatic generation of wind profiles per ASCE and UBC guidelines
• Wave loading and buoyancy for offshore applications
• Hydrotest analysis automatically converts spring hangers to rigid vertical supports
• Fluid transient utilities for water and steam hammer plus relief valve load analysis
• Automatic spring hanger sizing based on hanger data from 21 manufacturers
• Accurate nonlinear support gap and friction solutions
• Nonlinear state-of-the-art pipe/soil interaction for buried pipeline analysis
• Jacketed piping analysis
• Thermal bowing analysis
• Integrated flange loading analysis per ANSI B16.5
• Nozzle flexibility analysis per API 650 App. P, ASME class 1, WRC 297 and Biljaard methods


• Graphical point and click to view sorted stresses, deflections, or loads, at any point on the model
• Result grid synchronized with the plot for on screen viewing, filtering, printing and sorting all results 
• Results saved to MS Access MDB file
• Automatic or user-defined load combinations
• Calculation of maximum intermediate stresses along any component 
• Rotating equipment evaluation for API 610, NEMA and API617, and user-defined rotating equipment
• Min/Max load summaries
• Export nozzle loads to WinNOZL module for calculation of local shell stresses to WRC107, WRC297, KHK, API650 & PD5500
• Calculation and evaluation of code stresses for 29 standard piping codes
• Graphic viewing of results using color-coded model to highlight points that exceed user-specified criteria
• Filtering of results by stress, deflection or load criteria for custom reports