MECHANICAL Autodesk Mechanical

Product Overview
Want to get unparalleled productivity out of your 2D mechanical design process? AutoCAD® Mechanical can help you achieve that goal. This software packs powerful tools that accelerate mechanical design projects by automating common tasks. Based on the AutoCAD® platform, it offers the native DWG that your teams need to easily share design data with other AutoCAD and Autodesk Inventor® users. But it goes well beyond the capabilities of AutoCAD software, offering significant productivity increases for 2D mechanical design. And that's the real proof-this purpose-built tool can save your teams countless hours of design and rework.

Product Information
What's better than AutoCAD® software for 2D mechanical design? AutoCAD ® Mechanical. Take advantage of significant performance gains with this powerful tool built specifically for mechanical design and drafting. Enhance quality. Improve accuracy. Get more work done faster with AutoCAD Mechanical.

Features & Specifications
Built on the AutoCAD® platform, with special mechanical design functionality, AutoCAD® Mechanical offers native DWG, so you can easily exchange designs and data with other AutoCAD software users.


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