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Product Information

Unlock the value of scanned drawings and maps, aerial photos, satellite imagery, and digital elevation models using Autodesk® Raster Design 2006. Raster Design 2006 integrates with all AutoCAD® 2006-based applications to provide advanced vectorization, raster editing, and analysis tools. Improve decision making, enhance presentations, and make the most of your raster data.


Make the Most of Your Image Archive
Extend the value of your raster data using Autodesk® Raster Design's raster editing, manipulation, and vectorization tools, all in the AutoCAD® environment. Add scanned paper drawings, maps, aerial photographs, satellite images, and other forms of raster data to projects, and enhance image quality with powerful, new cleanup tools. Save editing time by vectorizing only those raster entities that require modification.


Make Better Decisions Through Image Analysis
Autodesk Raster Design helps you make better-informed decisions for land use planning, site suitability, environmental impact studies, and more by enabling you to extract useful information from many types of raster imagery. View and analyze data with color maps or by querying for elevations, slopes, aspects, and reflectance values. Prepare your raster data for effective use through rubbersheeting, transformations, and other editing tools.


Communicate Ideas Precisely and Effectively
Create compelling presentations that combine information-rich raster images and intelligent vector drawings. Present proposals and internal communications that integrate maps, satellite data, and other forms of imagery. Share design and analysis findings with a high degree of specificity, and provide detailed graphical representations that speed project approvals.



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