Drafting & Design Platform (AutoCAD/ AutoCAD LT )


Design and shape the world around you with AutoCAD® design and documentation software, one of the world’s leading CAD programs. Explore ideas more intuitively in 3D, speed documentation, share ideas seamlessly, and customize AutoCAD for your specific needs.

AutoCAD® software for 2D and 3D CAD design Features:

  • Explore—Explore design ideas in both 2D and 3D with intuitive CAD tools that help your concepts become real.

  • Document—Drive your projects from concept to completion with powerful documentation tools. Work faster with automation, management, and editing tools that minimize repetitive tasks and speed your time to completion.

  • Communicate—Share critical design data securely, efficiently, and accurately. Experience the benefits of native DWG™ support, one of the world’s most widely used design data formats, allowing you to keep everyone in the loop at all times. 

  • Customize—Customizing AutoCAD is easier than you ever thought possible.

The features in AutoCAD LT® 2D drafting and detailing software enable you to document your ideas, optimize your workflow, and more easily collaborate with colleagues and clients. Built for professional drafting, AutoCAD LT provides industry standard 2D drawing tools designed to boost productivity.

AutoCAD LT® professional 2D drafting software:

  • Drawing tools—Use standard shapes such as lines, polygons, arcs, circles, and ellipses to create simple or complex 2D drawings.

  • Modify objects—Modify existing geometry with commands such as stretch, scale, and rotate. Create new objects, copy, offset, and mirror commands.

  • Annotate drawings—Complete your drawings with annotations such as text, dimensions, and hatches.

  • DWG file format—Save and share 2D drawing files with confidence in the integrity and reliability of your data with DWG™ technology from Autodesk.

  • Publish and plot—Create a multisheet DWF™, DWFx, or PDF file, or create a paper drawing set.