INFRASTRUCTURE (Autodesk® Civil 3D®)

Product Information
Software's powerful dynamic engineering model means that changes made in one place are reflected instantly throughout your entire project. Design elements, visualization, analyses, and plans stay in perfect sync, so accuracy is maintained as drawing submittals move faster from concept to completion.


Better Designs in Less Time
Explore conceptual proposals and complete final designs faster using Autodesk® Civil 3D™ 2006 software. Dynamic, real-time interaction between objects creates a more responsive, flexible design experience that protects accuracy and keeps all elements in sync. Work as an Integrated, Multiple-Person Design Team


Autodesk Civil 3D 2006 introduces support for multi-user, simultaneous access to points, surfaces, alignments, and profiles so teams collaborate efficiently and effectively throughout the design and plan production process. Share an alignment across multiple drawings and customize each instance's annotation and object appearance as needed. If the master alignment changes, every related drawing updates accordingly without the need for manual redrafting. Plan and profile sheets remain perfectly in sync, and the team can collaborate in a truly integrated environment.


Sharpen Your Competitive Edge
Quickly develop and evaluate a variety of design proposals and then move through final delivery of construction documentation to gain a competitive edge that can help you win more business. Autodesk Civil 3D integrates the drafting capabilities of AutoCAD® software with dynamic, relationship-based civil engineering functionality. It's a powerful civil engineering solution that delivers design and drafting functionality that can increase productivity, reduce costs, and help you provide better service to your clients.


A Powerful Civil Engineering Platform
Autodesk Civil 3D is a robust development platform with a rich application programming interface (API) that enables you to build customized solutions. This open environment enables you to add specific functions that you need for your daily work, and means that third-party software development can provide incremental products that extend Civil 3D for use in specialty markets. Take advantage of its common, accessible data model to help you streamline your process.


Super Model
The power of Autodesk Civil 3D 2006 lies in its dynamic engineering model. The model contains all core geometry and maintains intelligent relationships between design objects such as points, surfaces, parcels, roads, and grading. Tables, object labels, and various analysis displays derive from the model, so if any part of the model changes, all associated parts are instantly and dynamically updated. For example, change the horizontal road alignment, and profiles, road model, section plots, volumes, proposed contours, and submittal drafting are updated automatically. Updates are not just visual representations of changes. They are integrated directly into the core data contained in your model, ensuring that edits are reflected throughout your project.


Faster Plan Production
Dynamic relationships extend to drafting and plan production. When you update a profile, Autodesk Civil 3D updates all labels and profile drafting. Labeling maintains its orientation; if you rotate a drawing, your labels remain upright. As a result, plans are more accurate and get completed faster.


Keep Your Standards High
Autodesk Civil 3D makes it easier to maintain drafting standards. Each object type has user-definable settings that control layer, color, font, label content, and more. The application also includes various style configurations that you can store in a drawing template, as well as tools to edit existing styles or create new ones.